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Like to get hard, I mean REALLY hard and stay hard? Made my own cockring from a length of old bootlace about 7inches long. Make a smal noose at one end, using a slip knot.Put the noose over your cock and leave it fitting snug(not tight)at the base of your cock. Pass the other end between your legs so it encircles both balls where they are joined to your body.Tuck the loose end through the noose, and gently pull up the slack untill you can feel it quite snug around your balls.Now make a slip knot so that when you are hard but need to remove the cock ring it will be easy(and not painful) to do so.

This is what happened to me just a couple of days ago. Wife was alseep in bed, and I wanted to masturbate as I felt a need to cum.While still semi soft I put on the cockring and played with my balls. Then I rolled over and slipped my semi hard cock between her thighs. Soon as I felt her pussy my cock started hardening, so much so that her pussy was trying to grip it as she slept.pussy

This had the effect of speeding up my erection to full length.As it grew hard I could feel the cockring tightening around the base of my cock and pulling on my balls. I was in heaven and the more I enjoyed that tightening feeling, THE HARDER I GOT. It was throbbing like a mad one eyed beastcock

Her pussy spasmed again and I was tempted to penetrate her,but my cock had other started the 'point of no return'. So I rolled away from her and came all over my chest and sheets on myside of the bed.I came and came and came.My side of the bed was wet and I was well pleased with my result.My cock was still rock hard when i easily removed the cockring.Give yourself a treat and try one out for yourselves guys.stroke
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I like cock rings, but I would not tie anything non-stretchable around my cock. I once had a bad experience with broken skin capillaries that way.

My favorite homemade cock ring is simple -- just unroll a condom (preferably non-lubed) far enough to cut the last inch or two off, then roll it back up. This type is best around the base of the cock and not around the balls, but you can adjust the tension somewhat by varying the amount cut off -- your mileage may vary.

Another method involves tying an elastic band cut off an old pair of underwear. It's stretchy, and broad enough to be fairly comfortable with the right technique.

Now days, however, I mostly use the store-bought stretchy silicone type.
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