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  • Who is "Unregistered"? Why do I see their posts all over the place?

    "Unregistered" means the user who originally posted has deleted their account and removed their personal information from JackinChat. For the sake of context and the integrity of the conversations posted to JC, the content of the posts remains intact.

  • How to I delete my account?

    Log into your account, click the Profile and Settings link in the member panel in the left sidebar. Choose the "Close Account" tab and read the instructions carefully. Once deleted, your account cannot be re-opened, nor can you re-register using the same email address.

  • How do I re-open a closed account?

    Unfortunately you cannot re-open a closed account. On the account deletion screen, it clearly states that once closed, accounts are unrecoverable, and you may not use the same email address again. If you'd like to sign up again, you may do so with a different email address.