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From: Have you ever tried to suck your own cock? by boxersoff

ladude25 said:
I think most every guy has tried it. Especially when they were younger.

For sure. Came close enough to shoot on my face and into my mouth, but never quite got my tongue on my cock. Even tried once when super horny and drunk with a college roomie who claimed he could suck himself off. Neither of us succeeded but we ended up sucking each other off?something we ended up doing two or three times a week for the rest of the term.

From: What are was the last thing you masturbated to or are now? by boxersoff


From: What are was the last thing you masturbated to or are now? by boxersoff

Alex Grant jacking off in hiIs car (parked) after gym workout.
His solo jo vids are hot to get off to. He nips, like mine, are super sensitive, and I gently rub my aroused nips too, really enhances my jo. Like fingering my hole too, which he does in some of his solo jo vids. Plus, he has a great cock and a muscular body and knows how to lock eyes with the camera. Hot getting off watching Alex Grant rub out a load!

From: Where do you find your jo buds? by boxersoff

Have had several long-term jo buds. About half of them I first met at park cruisy areas and we hit off enough to see each other at our places. The other half I met at the gym, and it progressed the same way, from jacking off together in the steam or sauna to getting together outside the gym. Have found that if you get to know the jo bud and you get together with more privacy, things will go beyond jacking off together. Somebody?s gonna wind up with a cock in his mouth or his ass. Maybe both of you.

From: Big balls by boxersoff

krisjk said:
My pair.
User posted image

Nice ones bro
Great cock too

From: Straight guys like looking at penises? by boxersoff

You got a great attitude Matt.
Plus a great cock. Would be hot to watch that in action!

From: Masturbated by a male by boxersoff

For hand jobs and blow jobs, guys usually have more focus and are turned on by it, chicks not so much.

From: What % of your "sex life" is masturbation? by boxersoff

Evergreen said:
74% Masturbation
22% Fucking
4% Blow Jobs
*on average I blow about five loads per week.

About same as you for masturbation 74%, some jacking cock with other dudes
More like 22% blow jobs and 4% fucking for me
Hot having a cock in my mouth

From: have you ever watch live fucking or sucking? by boxersoff

Watched and been watched at adult theatres, nude beaches and cruising areas. More mm than mf. Very hot to see guys watching and stroking their dicks while I traded head and made out with a hot bro. When he started fucking my ass, was a real turn on to have three guys standing over me jerking their cocks

From: Fast Wanker by boxersoff

Sometimes a quick jerk and nut is just what I need

From: How Often Did You Jerk Off As A Teenager? by boxersoff

As a teen, I was lousy at edging. My jo sessions averaged maybe 5 minutes lol.
Easy to squeeze 3-5 sessions into a day.

From: Remember the first time a guy came in your mouth? by boxersoff

Vivid memory. I was 14 and the first taste of cum was when my 16-year-old cousin talked me into sucking his cock. He was impressed that I swallowed it.

From: Masturbation Bonding, Mentorship, and Intimacy by boxersoff

roughwank said:
With a couple of friends it kinda bought us closer together just enjoying pleasuring our cocks together and discovering what turns us on. When you're already naturally curious about things like sex and porn, like we were, then it can be bonding delving into it together and enjoying our cocks.

Had same kind of experience with small subset of 3 male friends, dedicated to working out our issues with sexual exploration. Kind of like a therapy group, but way more fun. We shot many loads and spent a lot of time together.

From: do u like waching another guy J.O. ... by boxersoff

gameplayer said:
I love cumming on cam to pics

From watching a jo vid/pic to giving a handjob in person, yeah so hot when he coms

From: Cum rags by boxersoff

Used cum rags are hot, that faint sweet smell of crusty jizz is a turn-on. I use the same pair of boxers multiple times. Lots of guys do this. Had a college roommate who said he had used the same T-shirt as a cum rag for more than two months.

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