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News and Updates What Happened to the Site? What's Next?
Posted on 2023-11-10

What Happened to the Site?

First, some history and context...

Jackinchat.com has been online pretty much uninterrupted for more than 20 years now!! However, that doesn't mean that malicious and hateful actors haven't been trying their hardest to wipe this community off the net in one way or another over the course of that 20 year run.

While I've noramlly been able to stay ahead of their new attack vectors, the sophistication and scale of the latest attacks had finally gotten the better of us. The number of bot and human controlled accounts posting hateful garbage en-masse 24/7 became overwhelming to manually moderate despite the moderation team's steadfast, and honestly heroic, efforts. It was a losing battle and I communicated to the Moderators that they should throw in the towel until a new defense could be developed to defend the site from these .

Due to the continued assault of hate, in addition false claims being reported to the authorities and our hosting partners that the site was hosting illegal content, the decision was made to simply take the site down temporarily in ordrer to stop the attacks and address the false allegations.

The site was restored recently, but in a read-only mode. This is a temporary measure until I can be sure the site is adequately hardened against these new bot types, in addition to the persitent spam bots that have been filling your inboxes.

What's Next?

It's no secret the site is dated (putting it kindly). The Jackinchat.com of the early 2000s doesn't hold up to the expectations or needs of the community in 2023. So, in other words, a modernization is long overdue.

We're not yet prepared to share our plans, but will share out updates when ready while also putting together a method for the community to offer its feedback and ideas as well.

So, to sum it up - sorry for the blue balls and vulvas! We aren't going anywhere and will get this global community of masturbators back in action as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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