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From: Where To Meet A JO Buddy? by Prepared1234

NeilG said:
I am liaising with someone about meeting up for a JO session.

Neither of us can host, and we can't book a hotel room because they require credit cards - and the wives might see the hotel charge on the credit card statements.

How about meeting outdoors, like at a beach or park? An alternative might be to find a thrid, which i have done, and o have that guy use his credit card. OR, use Paypal or some other payment method. Good luck!
Any thoughts?

From: Fellow Married Guys near Boston by Prepared1234

Hello all. I'm a divorced older guy in Salem, interested in masturbating with other older men, sharing porn of various kinds,and possibly mutual masturbation and other cock play.

From: Perfect tits by Prepared1234

Pgfytsycsreugtrhkws1 said:
Hope you all like these beauties

User posted image User posted image User posted image

The girl in the middle is outstanding!

From: Are you masturbating? by Prepared1234

getting started, kind of interested in circle jerk camming

From: Are you masturbating? by Prepared1234

drwatson said:
I am starting just now. Just no hurry at all ! My bliss will be built up step by step , by watching art porn , hardly to touch my organ.... later will come more perverted movies )e.g:oldje)

Enjoy! It sounds ;like you have a good masturbation session planed!

From: Are you masturbating? by Prepared1234

macko4339 said:
I sure am, need to cum very soon!

have a good one! I'm watching mature lesbians, just getting erect

From: What are was the last thing you masturbated to or are now? by Prepared1234

Enjoying getting erect watching mature women modelling swimsuits and masturbating

From: Are you masturbating? by Prepared1234

Yes, just getting started.

From: Beautiful Milf Goddess Persia Monir by Prepared1234

beautiful and a great j o model

From: Business Travel Hotel Bate Buds (Maybe an Ongoing Thread?) by Prepared1234

This is a great idea. Currently in the UK on business, then in Israel. At home near Boston. I like porn sharing, j o together, mutual masturbation and cock play.

From: Best big-titted pornstar ever by Prepared1234

stroking right now to stacey poole

From: Does anyone use email anymore? by Prepared1234

I use it for sharing pics and links and masturbating together. Always interested in meeting others for j o sessions

From: What are was the last thing you masturbated to or are now? by Prepared1234

lesbian seduction but going to switch to bukkake

From: who likes lesbian porn by Prepared1234

hardwood999 said:
Love those lingerie lesbians

super! i have such a boner now

From: Helping hands by Prepared1234

I've had one meet in Boston and another in London. The first one consisted of stroking togrther to porn, then playoing with each other's cocks, mutual masturbation, and rubbing our boners together, I really want to do it again.Are you jerking now?

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