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spIotchey Amateur Jackinchatter

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Hi I am the troll splotch that Rod banned. I am back with multiple accounts you can message me on any of them here are a few
splotchy with a lower case L
spIotchy with an upper case i
LibertyFlux with a lower case L
LibertyFIux with an upper i
And of course dogetog.
I am compulsive and controlling so I need multiple accounts to troll todays topics. I am mentally challenged as you can tell with my gummy Bear retarded poems in multiple threads of that. I post about the most pathetic topics that have nothing to do with masturbation since I do not have a functioning penis and I live all alone with no friends or family. Please read my poems and give me the attention I crave. Read and laugh at all my posts in every one of todays topics. I am a pathetic troll that demands attention. I love to talk to my other accounts to make it look like I am different members. Hopefully I am fooling them. I cycle through all my profiles so I make it more believable
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Index » Masturbation » Jackin Material » Perfect tits